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Abramoff, who in January pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials, is now serving the final months of a four-year prison term. The documentary is not to be confused with a forthcoming feature film about Mr. As seen in vintage footage, Mr. Abramoff is less a snake than an avaricious gung-ho jock with a messianic sense of mission. Gibney conducted extensive prison interviews with Mr. Abramoff but was not allowed to film them. You want to see the casino jack and the united states of money imdb relentlessly grilled, answering questions in his own voice, not in that of Stanley Tucci, who vocally impersonates him.

Another problem is the sheer scope of the skullduggery under examination. Hypercompetitive, the young Mr. Abramoff was a championship weightlifter who boasted he could bench-press pounds. A fervent admirer of Ronald Reagan, Mr. Abramoff was an outspoken believer in unregulated capitalism and minimal government when he was at Brandeis University.

His ascent into the national arena began after graduation, when he became chairman of the College Republican National Committee. Along with Karl Rove, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, he spearheaded a movement to revitalize the Republican Party as an organization on a right-wing crusade. Abramoff and his allies were poised to work the levers of power. His lobbying organization became a pay-for-play money machine by controlling access to politicians like the Republican majority whip Tom DeLay, whom he first met in and with whom he formed a close alliance.

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Casino jack and the united states of money imdb

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. I confess to having followed Jack Abramoff's actual denouement years ago only as much as I could tolerate without gagging. My feelings toward lobbyists are mostly of disgust anyway. But to separate this work of art from the morality of its subject matter, I must say that this is a fine, fine film. Hickenlooper's death is a profound loss to all of us. I find Kevin Spacey and Barry Pepper at the top of their form here.

The character and the situation give Spacey a broad stage to display his talents and range. Abramoff is no easy character to portray with any sympathy at all, and I had virtually none, but my outrage over the facts didn't spoil my enjoyment of the entertainment one bit.

A casino jack and the united states of money imdb to all involved. As far as the abuses portrayed, all I can say is, I really hope the American citizenry somehow wakes up and unites to end the stranglehold that cash has put on our democracy.

The utter hypocrisy and self-serving, greedy behavior of our politicians is harming us for generations to come. If they truly love their country, they must reject and expose lobbyists sacrificing our national welfare to Mammon. Jack Abramoff was a very successful but very greedy Washington lobbyist who now sits in a federal jail serving out his 4 year prison term prism online casino to released later this year.

Director George Hickenlooper had the idea to tell his story and enlisted writer Norman Snider to put together the screenplay based on the facts of this true story. Hickenlooper spent 30 hours visiting Abramoff in prison to gather as much information as possible to add to their study of the historical documents upon which this movie was based.

Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey who plays Abramoff participated in one of these five casino jack and the united states of money imdb visits and he apparently hit it off quite well with the protagonist despite their being at opposite poles of the political spectrum. If you know the widely reported story of how Abramoff took excessive fees from multiple Indian tribes, was involved with shady business deals and paid off congressmen landing at least one in jail and causing Tom Delay majority leader of Senate to quit this position and his Senate seat, you may be a little bored as the details are played out.

On the other hand, many viewers will be getting a great history lesson at the same time that they are seeing a very well done movie. Barry Pepper is sufficiently nefarious in looks and deeds as Michael Scanlon, Abramoff's partner who deserved more than he got for punishment.

Jon Lovitz plays an almost completely serious role as a not so smart and crooked enough to end up in jail, business associate of Abramoff. Political junkies will casino jack and the united states of money imdb this movie. You can't help coming away from seeing it without wondering how can we let our political system continue to function without reigning in lobbyists. Hickenlooper related an incident, which he touches upon at the end of the film, where while in jail anticipating his release shortly before the upcoming elections Abramoff has expressed a desire to collaborate with the Democrats and reveal information that casino jack and the united states of money imdb knows about the Republicans in order to hurt them in this and future elections.

While this casino jack and the united states of money imdb is scheduled for wide release and distribution prior to the November election, there is also another movie coming out at the same time about Abramoff, which is an actual documentary and may have the same name as this one.

Instead of Kevin Spacey that one will star the real Abramoff. Kevin Spacey is truly an actor to adore. In 'Casino Jack', he gets even better and delivers a superb performance. Abramoff, is one of the most notorious lobbyist's ever. Director George Hickenlooper does a good job, while Norman Snider's writing is flawed. The writing in the first hour is spot-on, but in the second hour, it falters. Even the culmination for that matter, doesn't leave the desired impact. Acting wise, as told, Spacey owns the film.

He plays Abramoff superbly. He truly is an Icon! Barry Pepper is Excellent. On the whole, 'Casino Jack' can be viewed once, for it's lead star's performance. Must for Spacey Fans! After seemingly searching for a juicy role since his duel Oscar winning performances in the mid to late '90s with The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, Kevin Spacey is back in fine form and dominates the screen in this frequently enjoyable, though heavily flawed, rise and fall fable.

Oddly, what makes this movie great also represents its largest shortcomings. The acting is as varied as Abramoff's excuses pertaining to the generous "donations" he receives in the film itself. Barry Pepper as Jack's right-hand man Michael steals scenes free online slots stinkin rich a whim when given the chance and could have easily casino jack and the united states of money imdb the film further if given more screen time.

Spacey is superb bringing a delicious blend of pompous charm and sleazy anger to the role, and even manages to deliver both a credible Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino impression amidst the political turmoil his character eventually encounters. On the other hand, there are some disastrously misguided casting choices, beginning with Kelly Preston as Jack's wife and even though she exhibits some swagger towards the beginning to the film, she is unable to keep up with more skilled thespians as situations escalate towards the finale.

The most egregious error is most certainly the inclusion of Jon Lovitz as the owner of a cruise line and casino who undertakes business dealings with Abramoff. Lovitz has proved himself a skilled comedian in supporting roles and did consistently great voice work on The Simpsons. Here, he is an unmitigated disaster, single handily sinking the picture on multiple occasions. He seems oblivious as to when to calm down, his camera mugging and inflections are grinding, and he is apparently unable to quit being Jon Lovitz and simply shut up; this is simply a poor choice by late director George Hickenlooper.

The story at play is a fascinating one, and seeing Jack at his manipulative best even as his world comes crashing down is engrossing. The middle portion however does its bookend acts an injustice, sagging down the segments exploring the infamous lobbyist rise and his inevitable fall. Hickenlooper seems unable to decide how to structure the transition; not how Spacey handles the material pertaining to his character's downfall, but rather the jumble of events by casino jack and the united states of money imdb it is precipitated.

Though the event itself makes for inspired reading in venues such as the news or a fact-based doc, casino jack and the united states of money imdb there is not enough substantial material or maybe too much to make a fully compelling fictionalized account. Though ultimately less than the sum of its parts, Casino Learn more here is timely, passionately constructed and true to its source events.

Abramoff is read article made into the three-dimensional character that those close to him likely knew, and that the media was never able to or more likely never wanted to capture.

Spacey is without a doubt a large part of this indelibly fiery characterization and strangely obviously for reasons we will never know seems more invested in this character than he has in any during the last ten years. Casino Jack's follies are all the more disappointingly glaring considering how strong the hard-hitting portions were, and casino jack and the united states of money imdb better than the average fact-based account, good enough is never good enough when greatness seems to be within reach.

Honestly, if this had been made as fiction you'd shoot it down as implausible - the stink goes how high? Spacey is in fine form, with a sterling support cast, and the film is best viewed as casino jack and the united states of money imdb buckle up and grin fair ride to the underbelly of politics - it really is so way beyond your standard black comedy or satire that it's just jaw dropping.

We enjoyed CJ - it doesn't aim to be a political thriller or have any great message but it is a lot of black comedy and seriously messed-up situations from beginning to end How long can you screw someone before you get caught? After finding a contribution loophole, Abramoff and Scanlon begin to exploit this and become very, very rich. I top online casinos canada this movie.

I like true story movies, and I really enjoy political ones too. There was a lot of stuff in here I didn't know about. The amount he took and the favors he gave out are astounding.

This movie really exposes the lengths that he and other senators will go to in order to get what they want. The movie is filled with different movie quotes from the "Godfather", "Rocky" and others, which is fun Spacy is a pretty good impressionist.

Overall I really liked this movie, and found myself liking Abramoff even less then before. The amount of money he through around casino jack and the united states of money imdb get his way is enough to make you sick, especially when you think a lot of our tax money went to helping him by a casino boat.

Would I watch again? Abramoff, like most lobbyists, was paid by big companies and organizations to help convince Members of Congress to vote for or against certain things in the senate. The film focuses on a massive corruption scandal that casino jack and the united states of money imdb himself, two White House officials, and 10 other lobbyists and congressional members to be convicted.

This film is an interesting and somewhat humorous games online real gambling of just how far greed and money will take you in America. I am not a news junkie by any means but I do remember this news story when it happened back in For those who don't recall, Jack Abramoff became a big focus in the news back in because he was convicted of fraud, tax invasion, and conspiracy.

The film itself never really discusses his sentence however focuses on all the events leading up to it. Now given the fact that this is a movie, I am sure they took some liberties on the story to make it more entertaining. I will have to admit however that this movie seemed pretty realistic and seemed like most of it was based on fact. The people involved in lobbying probably fear films like this because I am sure it shows their true colors.

The film really shows how anyone can be bought for the right price and the right amount of negotiation. Kevin Spacey nails the role of Jack Abramoff in the film. We all remember Spacey from the 's when he amazed us in "American Beauty," "L. Confidential," and "Usual Suspects" but recently his films just haven't been delivering.

However, I am happy to say with "Casino Jack" I really enjoyed his role. It was a very interesting role, he was a little crazy, a bit of a smooth talker, but yet overall a likable guy. I noticed Spacey got nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in this flick and I have to admit either him or Paul Giamatti should get it. This is the first time since where I think Spacey has actually found a role that fit him as an actor.

He was really superb in this flick. Other than Spacey, there were some good supporting actors here. Barry Pepper, does a good job of getting the audience to hate him. He plays a young clueless womanizer who is also a lobbyist helping out Jack. Kelly Preston plays Jack's wife and she doesn't have much of a part but does add a little bit of flair to some of the scenes. Jon Lovitz plays a great overweight and clueless man who doesn't know a thing about bad investments.

He like Barry Pepper's character is also a bit of a womanizer but than again isn't that how most of those people in politics are. The film was directed by George Hickenlooper, who oddly enough died before the film was actually released.

This officially marks his final here as a director. I can't say I have seen any of his previous work but I definitely like his continue reading on this story.

It was a very fastest payout online usa and sometimes funny look at things. His vision for Spacey as I said above was dead on. Huckenlooper really unlocked the dark side of politics with this film and really no free up deposit sign casino bonus mobile how everyone has a price and even the most likable guys can have dark side.

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