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A monster like this belongs one place. The beginning of the second set. This my friends is a Dirty Ghost. To give you an idea of what is about to go down…. Before we get started, stuff is going to get crazy. I have created this road map to follow in case you forget where you are…Please keep with you at all times.

I am beyond excited to write this. This thing is already different. I also just injected some more coffee, so I am really jumping to this intro. The pace gsn casino games online actually a gsn casino games online more upbeat, but man are those loops strong.

The solo section has gsn casino games online killer lick from Trey and then Page gets real funky. Gordon hits the gsn casino games online perfectly, and then awesome compliments from Page.

I dig that solo section. The pause is about average, and a pretty solid drop in from the band. The vocals after the drop in are not over sung. Now strap in, 25 minutes of jamming. Our journey begins with some sectioned off jamming and Fish trying out a couple of different beats. Trey starts to lead out gsn casino games online bit at the 5: Fish is really pushing things, which usually is not the case this early in a Ghost gsn casino games online. Page starts to become much more of знаю, online casino real money scams сделался factor after the beat change.

Gordon plays a variety of different bass lines feeding off the rest of the band. Gsn casino games online a stark contrast this section is, compared to most beginning sections of Ghost groove based jams.

Fish and Trey are on this thing from the first note. This opening jam section is actually the build section of this Ghost. It has an upbeat tempo and very slowly the band is giving this thing more steam. Trey and Fish are the sure fire stars here. Gordon works well by providing a structure for Trey and Page to work with.

Fish changes up the beat and you can feel something nasty coming. Immediately when Trey does that, Mike starts kicking some ass on the bass. I am shaking with excitement. This baby is full build mode. Trey works things nice a slow. Instead, each note from Trey rings out and leaves a bunch of space for everyone else.

It works wonders for Page. By click to see more the He and Mike are kicking some major ass around the long notes of Trey. That is how you work together to build a peak. Page is rocking at this point, the man is doing work.

When Trey comes off that lick he plays a nice smooth melody. This is not Prague people. Everyone is rocking this equally. He launches a really high gsn casino games online nooooooooote that gives the band even more of a chance to build. When he lets go of the nooooooooote, well it is really on! Again, отведи us online casinos that take paypal палата a listen to Page, he is crushing the keys.

Fish is a monster as well, he is filling my headphones with sounds. I love this peak! I love when the entire band captures my attention like this. I can please click for source make a case to listen to any of the four band members. But to appreciate it you have to float over the band and hear all of them together.

Mike and Fish begin to slow the pace down as Trey continues to rip into his guitar. Mike and Fish gsn casino games online this battle.

Trey eventually switches guitar tones at What an awesome sound from Trey! Trey infuses this beautiful sound that somehow is able to rock, drive the jam downward, and give Page all kinds of room to play some great harmonies.

Fish though does something crazy at Mike responds by playing a ton of notes. Then for just a quick second Page plays one of the sickest notes I have heard at You have to listen very closely it is only three seconds long, but it feels like God is looking right at me. Another brilliant chord from Page at Trey gets back to that lick that we will see in Radio City. This thing continues for a long time.

Trey is telling you something! Grab who you can! Women, children, wooks, stagehands, vets, noobs, Scotty B, Mr. Gsn casino games online them all, nobody is safe, be gsn casino games online. Each note from Mike also is crazy powerful. This section is pure type 2 magic. It is an awesome groove, that is exploratory and rocking all at the same time. NO other band creates music like this.

I can listen to this section all day. Such a cool addition to the end of this sick groove. Things are about to get crazy, hands and feet inside the review, please refer to your road map. You might get lost. Trey backs right off the gas, as Fishman continues to push forward.

As Trey backs off that warning siren from before really gets loud. How awesome is that warning siren! I told you gsn casino games online road map would come in handy! Casino eurobet thing echoes forever.

Space Cactus is pissed. Fish is the engine, the lead, the everything to gsn casino games online section. As the band backs off, and things get spacier and spacier, Fish is the jet fuel in our spacecraft. Can we have more jams that feature the cowbell! How many other drummers can drive an entire jam with a freaking cowbell!

Fish changes things up, and we have officially reached pitch black. I told you the siren was signaling GTFO! I have nightmares of this section. It reminds me of the Borg, only the size of the Death Star.

WOW, that sound is incredible. Also, I am officially calling this Type jamming. I think that sound came from Trey, but it gsn casino games online have been from Zeus. That is one of the most awesome sounds in the history of Phish. That Borg Star, when it passes by, grabs us and deposits us in gsn casino games online depths of hell. When the last passing sounds of the Borg Star leave, some of the scariest sounds in Phish history are left.

The warning siren echoes so eerily throughout this section. I have no idea where to go, what to do, where I am, I gsn casino games online know I am scared to death. What once was the jet fuel to our space ship, now reminds me of being chased by someone. I am glad I am reviewing this in the daytime and not before bed.

That damn warning siren now sounds like someone gsn casino games online about to stab me. I am lost…did I just see Keanu Reeves from Constantine here with me?

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