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Mechwarrior online blackjack quirks

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Welcome…to the Blackjack Master Guide. The Blackjack has had a lot of ups and downs during its time in MWO. The Arrow is next mechwarrior online blackjack quirks, effectively serving as a lower-mounted version of the BJ That being said, even mechwarrior online blackjack quirks worst Blackjacks are absolutely stupendous. Each variant gets its own section; within that section I try to include at least two main builds, each with a few mechwarrior online blackjack quirks on the core principle if applicable.

Each build has one paragraph about the build itself — going over anything I feel is relevant to understanding it such mechwarrior online blackjack quirks go here, tonnage read more, how it fits the meta, my general feeling about it…just whatever. I may miss a build that you like, or my builds may differ slightly from what you find this web page best for you because our philosophies may differ — I strongly encourage that you experiment for yourself to see what works best for you.

Its big advantage is having a number of high-mounted energy hardpoints and jumpjets. These LPLs go out to m optimal, which is pretty sweet. This build is fantastic for any sort of hill-humping and right-side corner-peeking, and can play it at all sorts of ranges.

It can poke with the group just fine for sure, but if you manage to get a good wide angle on the bad guys and are able to hill-hump or even sort of poptart, you can do as much good for your team in disruption as damage. For more on this sort of build, check out the Laser Vomit guide. The speed is kind of a detriment, but the quirks are great and it can really make it work with a m range.

This is one of the places where the awkward engine cap comes into play — if it was a or it could be really badass. This is the build meant for the BJ-3 by the quirks, and it really does work for it.

For the most part, this plays like an ordinary poptart. For more on Poptarts, check out the guide. This gives up the high mounts, asymm, backup weapons, and some heatsinks, but it is a bit more visit web page. If you are having trouble with the XL vulnerabilities, may as well give it a go.

I prefer this to the original, but I can understand why someone would be hesitant. Can also run it symmetrically if you fancy that sort of thing. Keep your aim steady for the full beam duration to make sure you can really open up your target, and just keep up the DPS. And oh boy is it good. Really, this is just such a solid build all-around. Just poke like mad and keep up the long-range DPS. For detailed info on playing Laser Vomit, check out the guide.

This version gets a hefty bit of extra mobility through quirks and a slightly larger engine, but it has much lower hardpoints which I find unappetizing.

This plays a lot like the BJ-3 build above, mechwarrior online blackjack quirks the main difference being that it focuses more on general low-mount poking as opposed to hill-humping and the like. So yeah, triple ERLL is a bit wimpy, but the Arrow pulls it off pretty nicely with the crazy duration quirk.

This is the sort of build that would be really cool if MGs were at mechwarrior online blackjack quirks worth mechwarrior online blackjack quirks. Pretty similar in most ways to the original, but gets a fair bit of extra power and range from the XL.

Try both, and see which works better! Was really surprised by the effectiveness. But if you are having heat troubles please try this one out. This is an old-school brawler style of build, focusing on high precision with ballistics and low-duration energy weapons.

This version runs a bit hotter mechwarrior online blackjack quirks has a bit longer duration, but also gets more damage which is pretty swell. Having an XL engine in a brawler is a bit ballsy, so you may want to drop down to a STD for your peace of mind. This is definitely a skirmisher, and kind of plays like a massive UM-R But maybe the sheer damage potential is good for you. Then just master it. Honestly, I think all 5 maybe just 4 are worth mastering, but get a smattering and stick with whatever you like.

I hope you enjoy your mech, let me know if you have any questions, and as always glhf. And really nice offensive quirks mechwarrior online blackjack quirks this chassis a total badass.

Really this thing is just blessed by the hand of PGI all around. Lack of any arm actuators gives you plenty of slots, allowing for either heat sink spam or ferro. Weaknesses Awkward engine caps all around on most variants which keep you from taking the sweet spot, and on the 1X keeps you from taking the sweet spot. Almost all builds can make good use of hill-humping thanks to movement quirks, jumpjets, high mounts, etc. Focus on that stuff if possible, leaving the rest of your mech in cover.

AC2 Fire Support Blackjack BJ-1 - Mechwarrior Online - The Daily Dose #118

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