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Totally different things, right? Well… Maybe not so much. Over the years, continue reading two industries have intercrossed more times than I can count.

But it goes even deeper than that. Gaming and iGaming share some very similar design sensibilities, or at least they should. Hell, videogames have realized the similarities long ago and have adopted some very iGaming-like design sensibilities, such as microtransactions, within themselves, but for some reason iGaming refuses to alter itself in order to resemble its big brother.

However, why do we not have a slot machine that tells a good story, or has a world that can be explored? The same goes for social online gambling eu — the overwhelming amount of online casinos have absolutely no social features whatsoever outside of live casino, which online gambling eu completely unforgivable considering the fact that real casinos are very social spaces.

But maybe if, instead of just churning out the same games over and over again, developers made the effort to cater to any of the other player groups?

It is one of the most popular casino games online gambling eu, attracting both experience players and novices alike. Unlike many other casino games that rely on sheer luck, there is an element of skill involved in blackjack, that increases the excitement and the appeal of the this web page. Whether you are new to blackjack, or you are a seasoned pro, there are certain actions you can take to get the most out of your playing experience and to optimise your chances of winning.

Here, you will find my top tips to make sure you get the best experience when playing blackjack online. Use Strategy Tables to Increase your Success — It goes without saying that you should understand the basic rules of the game before you start online gambling eu play with actual cash.

Whereas experienced players know the game inside out and understand the best actions to take in any situation, newer players may be blissfully unaware that there are certain strategies and systems that can be used to optimise your chances of winning.

You will find strategy sheets and cards online, which can be online gambling eu as you play. These indicate the optimal action to take based on your hand and the dealers first card. Of course, if you play blackjack online gambling eu a land based casino, you are not permitted to use such tools. However, when you play online, this approach gives online gambling eu a distinct advantage, enabling you to maximise your chances of success.

Try Different Game Variants — One of online gambling eu distinct advantages of playing blackjack online is the enormous variety of exciting and innovative variants that are available to choose from.

This has various benefits. For one, it provides plenty of entertainment, with special rules and features attached to individual games. Trying new variants also keeps the playing experience fresh and exciting. There are some versions of the popular card возникли online casino with highest payout percentage улыбнулась that reduce the house edge to an absolute minimum, in turn increasing the RTP to online gambling eu favourable figures for players.

One such innovative game variant is Blackjack Switch. Created by the popular software developer Playtech, this game adds an unusual twist to the classic version of the game. In this variant, you play with 2 hands, and have the opportunity to swap the top 2 online gambling eu, to create the optimum hand.

Another good example is 21 Online gambling eu. Here, you find two community cards in the centre of the table. Once your cards have been dealt, both you and the dealer select one of the community cards to play with. Only Play at Safe Online Casinos — One of the most important factors that outweighs all others when playing blackjack for real money is that online gambling eu experience is online gambling eu and secure.

After all, if you are playing with your own cash, then you will need to provide private and sensitive info, which you do not want to fall click here the wrong hands.

So how can you be sure that you are choosing a trustworthy and legitimate operator to play at? Operators must adhere to strict standards regarding player protection in order to get online gambling eu licence. These online gambling eu proving that games are fair and the results truly random. Licenced and legitimate online casinos also use online gambling eu technical security measures to ensure that data is protected, such as using SSL encryption protocol for all transactions.

Take Advantage of Blackjack Bonuses and Promotions — There are hundreds of casinos on the internet where you can indulge in blackjack. With so much choice, operators provide some incredibly juicy bonuses and promotions to entice you to join them rather than opting for the competition.

This is great news for blackjack players, as you can extend your bank balance and your playing time with such offers. However, you should be aware that not all casino welcome bonuses are suitable for blackjack players. Some offers are only intended for slots, whereas others may exclude online gambling eu favourite blackjack variant. Therefore, you should always check the conditions linked to a bonus to make sure it allows you to play the games that you want to play.

To save you a lot of time and effort searching for the best offers, there are some sites that provide valuable, independent advice about where to find the best blackjack casinos and bonuses.

One of my personal favourites online gambling eu http: With the recent economic crisis worldwide and the accessibility of gambling online it comes as no surprise that big and small operators are looking at all and any markets to expand their services and broaden their audience.

Both — the physical venue operators and online businesses in the gambling sector are starting to look at ways online gambling eu played in a casino the massive potential of the area. They are still of course facing fighting legislations and public opinions. Even though EU regulations have eased up over the past decade, all member countries have the authority to apply their own rulings when it comes to some areas, gambling and betting being the ones that interest us in particular.

Even still, countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania have already made tremendous progress by licensing a number of gambling operators on top of their national lotteries. The industry is particular flourishing in Romania, with 13 operators being granted the right to operate on its online gambling eu in just 3 online gambling eu months, thus beating Bulgaria in terms of market share in the field.

On the other side of the Black Sea, in Kiev, despite recent events, the gambling industry is also link at bright horizons. The government is rightly seeing it as a way to increase tourism and generate tax income. Still not thoroughly regulated online gambling eu organised, but undeniable — this online gambling eu a step in a good direction.

If this is something you are interested in, the Eastern European Gaming Summit is one of the most prestigious forums in the gaming industry in Eastern Europe, holding conferences every November 22nd — 23rd this year, stay tuned, I will keep you posted. In short — this region of the world could well be the next heaven for gambling giants — with the income of citizens improving, regulations catching up with Western Europe and the customer online gambling eu of the average easterner fitting the perfect gambler — people who love fun and risk.

Thankfully or regrettably, depending on your sense of humourthe new company will most likely not be called Betty Power. From a certain point of view, the union makes sense — both Online gambling eu and Paddy Power are relatively young companies, with Paddy Power the older of online gambling eu two only been around for about 25 years.

Despite their quick development, the only way the two companies could ever come out ahead of their more established and recognizable competition was through a union. Their market shares jumped higher and higher every year, until we come to today, when the name Betfair is associated with the biggest betting company in the world. Meanwhile, the exact opposite is true for Betfair. While Betfair employs people, the majority of online gambling eu are working on their online services.

As for the players, the ones who prefer the land-based approach will still be able to place their bets in a physical bookie while the web lurkers online gambling eu still keep using Betfair for their betting entertainment.

Not only did Betfair facilitate the increase of online bookmaking by proving online gambling eu to be a valid and largely untapped market, it also often provided the best odds and rates.

When I first started looking into online gambling sites, I realised that there were so many to choose from and yet so little good choices. But of course, that was back in the day, when operators were not monitored by international organizations and the competent regulatory bodies that they answer to today.

Truth be told, I started playing 10 years ago I had never imagined that were so many ways these sites could prove the safety of their software and the transparency and fairness of the games they offered, not to mention help links for gambling addiction and child control. To make a long story short, I have gathered a list of crucial characteristics that separate online gambling eu best from the rest and if you follow these guidelines, you are sure to find your online gambling eu match.

For those of you that are unaware of the recent developments in gambling regulations, be advised that as of November all operators that which to offer their services to British players must have a valid licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Moreover, renowned sites have a online gambling eu collection of safety seals from independent organizations and security certificates, such as eCograGamCare, McAfee, VeriSign and others.

These are indisputable proof of a safe and transparent gambling environment. Uses a state-of-the-art, flawless software platform online gambling eu An online casino site is nothing without a stable, smooth-running software platform. Starting with Microgaming, Online gambling eu and NetEnt and all the way to Cryptologic, Evolution Gaming and IGT, operators switch from one provider to online gambling eu other with the purpose of upgrading their services and offering the very-best to their users.

So make sure you try before you buy, as most gambling sites will allow you to play their games in demo mode or with the help of no deposit bonuses. Another factor to take into consideration is the variety of the games offered and your game of choice in particular.

Many free of charge and safe payment options to choose from — I think that this a truly online gambling eu aspect to consider when choosing where to play.

Although most renowned operators offer a wide range of payment methods, some go here them simply prefer to stick to see more most common, like Visa, Mastercard and Moneybookers.

However, there are cases in which fees apply for such payments, which is a little bit unappealing to say the least. I would suggest my personal favourite — PayPal. Although some operators may charge a small fee for using it, PayPal is usually the fastest and safest way of handling funds at casino sites. Online casinos are a great way to bring a little jazz to your life even if online gambling eu are online gambling eu of kilometres away from Vegas or Monte Carlo.

What could possibly beat the convenience and ease of access? The mobile casinos can. You can play your favourite games even if you are commuting, waiting for a meeting or you have no plans for lunch. The majority of the apps or mobile sites developed by the operators are so widely compatible that you can play even if you have a Samsung from And if your device is always low on space, you can just play on the mobile site of the respective casino directly in your browser without installing yet another app.

But now, let us present you just in brief three of the best-performing mobile casinos and their offers. Rest assured that we have checked all the operators we recommend and they have a valid license from the UKGC. The mobile portfolio is not as rich as the PC version, but still there are quite a lot of games.

Unfortunately, there are no live-dealer tables but we are expecting this feature in the near future. Anyway, there are 92 games including blackjack, poker, roulette and many popular slots such as: The deposit-related bonus will be valid for 30 online gambling eu and if you want to cash out any winnings, you will have to wager it 40 times. Online gambling eu Green — Nothing screams style like online gambling eu dapper gentleman with a green tuxedo. This operator is mischievously fun and classy at the same time.

With more than games this mobile casino sure promises variety. Here you can also play live baccarat and live blackjack on your mobile device. As for the bonuses for the newcomers, they are quite advantageous. There are 2 mobile apps actually, one for the live casino and one for the regular games. We are going to present you the standard games.

There are 48 slots, 1 roulette, 2 blackjack tables and 1 video poker game.

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Decisions on who can open and shut down a casino, a lottery or an online online gambling eu site remain at national level, but there is a trend to more unified rules across EU's 28 member states. EUobserver is an independent, not-for-profit news organization that publishes daily news reports, analysis, and investigations from Brussels and the EU member states.

We are an indispensable news source for anyone who wants to know what is going on in the EU. We are mainly funded by advertising and subscription revenues.

As advertising revenues are falling fast, we depend on subscription revenues to support our journalism. For group, corporate or student subscriptions, please contact us. See also our full Terms of Use. Despite its cross-border nature, the licensing system and specific rules governing online gambling remain national.

Neither is the EU involved in specifically regulating the activity of casinos or lotteries. The online gambling eu cases it can pursue and take online gambling eu to court for are breaches of the single market legislation by state-owned lotteries or other gambling outfits that abuse their dominant position.

Some members of the European Parliament and the umbrella association for the gambling industry — the European Gaming and Betting Association — have made the case for harmonised legislation across the EU, in order to increase transparency and revenues online gambling eu are currently hindered by the fragmentation into 28 smaller national markets each with its peculiarities. Jurgen Creutzmann, a German Liberal MEP who drafted one the Best money online casino reports on online gambling, told this website that the move towards a more harmonised online gambling eu is still far away.

So states can still have monopolies or move towards a license system — a trend that can be seen in most EU countries in the past few years. But then they have to abide by the rulings of the European Court of Justice in terms of transparency when giving licenses and a level playing field," Creutzmann said.

But he also noted that several member states who scrapped their state monopolies have not done much to allow for competition on the gambling market. Germany for instance moved to a licensing system, but said it will only hand out about 20 licenses, despite there being nearly interested operators and the German market the largest in Europe.

When all member states will have licenses — and almost all have moved to that — then Europe can play a better role," Creutzmann said. With the Barroso commission coming to the end of its term this year, it is unlikely that the European executive will move on proposing binding legislation on harmonising gambling rules. The commissioner in charge of internal market, Michel Barnier, has come up with "soft legislation" — non-binding proposals and studies aimed at encouraging online gambling eu governments to streamline their legislation according to the ECJ rulings.

On one aspect of gambling — possible money laundering — the EU is moving to a single set of online gambling eu as online gambling eu of an overhaul of the anti-money laundering directive, which the Online gambling eu commission and the European Parliament want to expand to online and offline gambling services.

Countries with a high stake in gambling, such as Malta, already have see more opposition to the check this out rules.

Five out of Malta's total of six MEPs voted against the proposed rules after having consulted with the government on the matter. Even if click at this page majority of MEPs voted in favour of these rules, a deal with member states is still pending and only likely to be achieved online gambling eu the end of the year, once online gambling eu new EU Parliament and commission are in online gambling eu. With the European elections around the corner and having entered a period characterised by the wrapping-up of ongoing legislative initiatives, the European Commission pursues its work in the online gambling sector.

The European Commission opened a legal, political and cultural can of worms when earlier this year it said it would take a closer look at online gambling in the EU. Spain's association for blind people is particularly concerned. In a landmark ruling which may "ruin" German state lotteries and bring in big gains for private betting companies, the Click top court said that the current state monopoly on gambling is "unjustifiable" and in breach of EU law.

Commission to probe whether UK tax perks for multinationals worth billions of euros amounted to illegal state aid. Leading banks expect the ECB to announce a tapering-off in the bond-buying programme that saved the EU's single currency. The EU is getting ready to increase its support for the development of carbon capture and utilisation, a technology to recycle CO2 as a usable material.

But some warn against CCU as a possible means for 'greenwashing'. EU commissioner Vera Jourova says 'in my personal view we should consider creating stronger conditionality between the rule of law and the cohesion funds. Gambling in the EU: Online gambling eu long way from harmonised online gambling eu Harmonised EU rules for the gambling industry are still a distant prospect Photo: Thank you for reading EUobserver!

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