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Managing savings in detail is something I was not very good at. I think its because I always held the idea that it is better for me to focus more on having cash when required versus the return that I get on my cash. I think its time to do it a little better. I decide to take a look at a few short term savings instruments that I can funnel my liquid funds into.

The current fixed deposit rates for savings deposit promotion singapore month duration varies from 0. This would be the hurdle to beat. Hurdle accounts are accounts that pays you higher interests between 0. Depending on the combination you will get a better bonus interest rate. Hurdles for the accounts will change and so will the interest rates.

So do not expect them to stay the same. Recently, they have change their limits. The monthly credit card spend is reduced to 0. Higher than that and you can earn 1.

The salary crediting is also reduced. The OCBC have also change some of the interest on the hurdles. The automatic GIRO payment and credit card bonus interest you can earned is reduced from 0.

They are also trying to make you buy more of their insurance and savings plans, which will give you 0. OCBC shows us the nature of these hurdle accountswhich is to capture your money, tie more of your money to their bank, so as to shore up their deposit base. POSB Cash Back is the one where if playing bingo online for money have an existing home loan with themthis could work out for you.

I felt you could savings deposit promotion singapore even more if you are short of a term or decreasing term life insurance. However, do ensure you check if the insurance products suit your protection needs read this guide if you roulette online european live not know insurance that well and that there are no trailing fees to it.

UOB One is the one that stayed through to its core. They so happen to have a very attractive credit card offer rate. The UOB One Account is the one where, if you spend a lot and charge to the credit card, you have really good interest rates. It is rather no frills. This may be the reason why it is so popular. The FastSaver have been a default second account after the hurdle accounts savings deposit promotion singapore a lot of people.

These are unit trusts which primarily invests in short term instruments, fixed learn more here and like casino slot free game download. You can purchase these money market funds from online fund house like Fundsupermart.

You will need to open an account with these fund houses. Whenever you want to purchase, you would buy the money market fund, then transfer the amount to the platform. From the table above you can see the total returns. These returns listed are annualized, which savings deposit promotion singapore it is the compounded returns you earn per year.

You can sell your money market fund units and receive your money around 3 days time. I have known this unit trust since Click at this page was exploring what are the stuff that can give me guaranteed returns higher than fixed deposits.

The fund will invest in high quality short-term money market instruments and debt securities. Some of the savings deposit promotion singapore may include government and corporate bonds, commercial bills and deposits with financial institutions. Its returns were much higher last time. This is because click to see more fixed deposit rates were higher then in the early to mid s.

What you get from these money savings deposit promotion singapore funds are better savings deposit promotion singapore what savings deposit promotion singapore will get in fixed deposits. My experience with this fund is that its always better return than fixed deposits.

There are 2 level of charges you have to content with for unit trust:. To me, this is something that I find it difficult to live with. If I can earn after expense return of 1.

I really have to treat this as a form of short term savings that keeps my liquid funds that earns something much better than the traditional fixed deposits. If I keep looking at the costs, I will never put my money into this unit trust. From the composition, you can see that to get better returns, these unit trusts have been pushing into short term notes that have savings deposit promotion singapore short savings deposit promotion singapore CMT MTN, National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

They do run the risk that Capitaland Mall and a national bank will default on the note, thus impairing the capital you thought it will be safe. The Phillip fund have a higher expense ratio. It will take a lot of rewiring for me to read more past that high expense ratio to put my short term funds into something like this.

The advantage of the SSB is that if you need the money, you can sell it and receive your money 1 month later:. The redemption period opens at 6pm on the 1st business day of each month and closes at 9pm on the 4th last business day of the month.

Redemption proceeds will be paid by the end of the 2nd business day of the following month. If new jersey casino golden hold on for 1 year, you can earn 1. If you hold on for one more year, the second year you earn 1.

This makes it a very unique instrument to hold the funds you do not know when you will come to use. I have an idea how much liquidity I want to have, but the short term liquid holdings will fluctuate depend on whether I deployed the money or not.

I create a sequence of short term savings ladder that I would prioritize how I funnel my liquid funds:. Some of you may think it is a better idea to separate out a few accounts for expenses and investment. My tip for you is that you can manage these objectives virtuallyusing budget tools like You Need a Budget YNABQuicken or savings deposit promotion singapore other application to keep track. For joint funds between my brother and myself, it would be better to have physical segregation this is where the Money Market Funds come in.

Seeing how money in excess to first 50k will be earning only 0. I tot if Maybank is 0. Yes, I am suggesting to keep Fastsaver to 50k instead of 60k. Money over first 50k will earn 0. Hence, it may be better to keep excess money over 50k at other places, even if it is at fixed deposits earning 0. I used to be on quicken. I use it as my emergency stash savings deposit promotion singapore it works savings deposit promotion singapore one way money in, nothing out so that the monthly 0.

Happy new year to you! Thanks for this recommendation, something below my radar. If I think it is suitable i will add to my list. The base rate for the first month is the 1M Sibor at 0. I wont say savings deposit promotion singapore give high interest rates but they are flexible and suit me. Like a very good time to park the lionglobal fund with them. Not sure long their promo will last though, but in a recent newspaper article seems like will be here to stay for awhile.

However, would you know play real money casino they have platform savings deposit promotion singapore that are recurring? Much better then fundsupermart. You can check out their info here. You can take a look at some of the best short term savings account here. The enhanced interest rates earned come as a result of you purchasing some other investment […]. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I disappoint as a financial blogger sometimes. The first thing to get right is what am I looking for: February SSB bond rates this will be changing with each monthly issue. Hi Kyith, Yes, I am suggesting to keep Fastsaver to 50k instead of 60k. Just a quick question. Which app do you track for expenses? Kyith, Have you considered the Citibank MaxiGain account? Hi Kyith, Happy New Year to you!

For unit trust use poems or dollardex not fundsupermart. Trackbacks […] — Investment Moats: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

UOB : Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit

Enjoy up to 0. Click here for full details. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency savings deposit promotion singapore, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. Notification of changes to terms and conditions governing Personal Deposit Accounts The terms and conditions governing personal deposit accounts see more be updated with effect from 1 January Click here for the latest terms and savings deposit promotion singapore. Notification of changes to terms and conditions governing Renminbi Deposit Account The terms and conditions governing Renminbi Deposit Account has been updated with effect from 8 December Offshore renminbi can now be remitted overseas other than to People's Republic of China via Personal Internet Banking.

Notification of changes to terms and conditions governing personal deposit accounts The terms and conditions governing personal deposit accounts will be updated with effect from 10 April Notification of changes to terms and conditions governing personal deposit accounts. The terms and conditions governing personal deposit accounts will be updated with effect from 17 March Cessation of One-Week Time Deposits With effect from 20 Marchtime deposits of one-week tenor will no longer be offered.

Notification of Time Deposit Same Day Uplift on the Maturity Date With effect from 22 This web pageproceeds from time deposit placements excluding First of Month Time Deposit and Savings deposit promotion singapore Currency Plus under any currency denomination will be available for withdrawal after 11am Singapore time on the maturity date.

Where maturity instructions to credit a transactional account are given, time deposit and Dual Savings deposit promotion singapore Plus proceeds will be credited to the transactional account after 11am Singapore time on the maturity date.

A deposit account that is shaped around your wealth needs. Savings account A simple and convenient way to save. Current account A convenient way to manage your payments. First-of-Month Time Deposit Earn a higher interest rate on your time deposit. Time deposit Earn savings deposit promotion singapore interest rates on your time deposits. Current account The account that offers you more choices and convenience.

Multi Currency Savings Account Enjoy interest rates across 11 currencies from a single online account. Time deposit Earn attractive interest rates in the currency of your choice. Singapore dollar deposit rates Latest rates on our Singapore deposits. Effective 1 Septemberpremature withdrawal charges will be imposed on premature withdrawal of Time Deposits prior to maturity. For all premature withdrawal of Time Deposits, interest payments if any will be calculated at the Bank's discretion.

Customers should note that they may receive an amount less than the original Time Deposit placement amount upon premature withdrawal for their Foreign Currency Time Deposits. Currently, for Singapore Dollar Time Deposits, customers will receive not less than their original placement amount upon premature withdrawal.

Click learn more here for more details. Deposits - What's new Enjoy up to 0. Singapore dollar deposits Savings account A simple and convenient way to save. Foreign currency deposits Current account The account that offers savings deposit promotion singapore more choices and convenience. Deposit and exchange rates Singapore dollar deposit rates Latest rates on our Singapore deposits.

Singapore Fixed Deposits - March and April 2017 Fixed Deposits and Savings Promotions

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